Internet of things in farming

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Over the past few years, the usual trends of farming have changed into smart farming. Leveraging the power of the futuristic Internet-of-Things (IoT), smart farming is turning out to be a revolutionary technology in animal farming. And when it comes to animal farming, how can it ignore the famous horse farming?

Smart farming is a capital intensive, yet a revolutionary technology helping in horse farming. Using various devices connected over a network, smart technology ensures adequate rearing of horses in the perfect environment.


Application Of Smart Technology In Farming

When it comes to horse farming smart technology is influencing the industry through various apps and devices. You can seamlessly employ this technology for safe and remote house farming. However, make sure you keep it safe with a VPN. You might have heard that a VPN makes internet slow, yet, with a paid VPN, you can save yourself from this lag.

Smart Horse, developed by EIOT, is an integrated platform to monitor the health conditions of horses and to manage the condition of stables and barns. The app works over wireless sensor networks and generates real-time alerts as well.

Smart Horse is a subsidiary of Smart Farm – an application meant for analyzing the data collected through alerts and sensors and helps using this data with other management platforms.

To get remote access to this technology, Waspmote is a wonderful means for connecting the sensors to the clouds. Waspmote actually focuses on the Smart Farm and Smart Horse technologies.

Likewise, smart technology is also being used for surveillance automation for padlocks, barns, and outhouses. While using the Equine Monitoring System, one can also monitor the health and fitness level of the horses remotely.

All About Smart Horse


Based on Waspmote, Smart Horse platform effectively calibrates sensors for measuring six different parameters. This includes monitoring of temperature, liquid levels, humidity, water flow, door open/close status, and window open/close status. These sensors collect the data and store it for further use.

Using this technology defiantly needs energy. So, you need to take adequate steps to manage the energy consumption. Through Waspmote, you can achieve it to a certain extent, since it is based on ultra-low power nodes that are easy to install at any location.

Besides, you can make employ HorseMote and Box Mote. Think of them as similar to Waspmote. However, these two facilities serve different purposes.

Horse Mote is primarily used for monitoring the horse’s behavior directly. To achieve this goal, the biometric sensors are directly attached to the horse’s body. These sensors can help you monitor the movement or position of the horse, sweat, pressure, and heart rate. You can also make use of another similar technology, the e-Health sensor platform by Libelium that lets you monitor the different biometric parameters.

Similarly, the Box Mote is another platform that lets you collect some more data related to the environment, and manage house farming remotely. Through Box Mote, the sensors nodes gather and transmit data from their location, usually at the stalls or barn, or in a vet hospital. The collected information includes details about the humidity, temperature, water level, and open/close status of doors and windows.